I was on my way back to the station for shift change last night and as I was at the last red light before getting back there I observed a guy driving on a 10 speed coming the opposite way that I was driving. I paid him very little attention because I was just about to go home, but as a cop I'm trained to just be aware of people and surroundings so I had him in my periphreal view. All of a sudden he slams headlong into the raised sidewalk and I swear........

He reminded me of the old Charlie Brown comic when Lucy holds the football.

He kept his grip on the handlebars, kept pedaling furiously, but his bicycle was flying through the air ass over teakettle and I think (this may have been my mind playing tricks on me) but I could have sworn that he did three complete somersaults before hitting the ground.

When he got up and I finally stopped laughing, I composed myself and asked him how he was doing, I realized that he was completely intoxicated and the only thing he was worried about was weather or not he broke his pint bottle that was in his pocket.

I have to give him credit, he knew he was going to get blotto so he left the car at home and took the bicycle. I put the mangled bike in the trunk and gave him a ride home. The way I see it he saved me the trouble of doing an accident report or worse, so I could take pity on him.

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